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Tamko Shingles Price Comparison

Tamko Shingles Price Comparison: average price may vary depending on locations and contractors.

Just like you do with every other big ticket purchase, you would also want to do a Tamko shingles price comparison before you take a final decision. However, the matter of comparing Tamko shingles price of different Tamko products and also with products of other companies is not a simple matter.

Tamko Shingles PriceThe fact is that there are so many variables involved when you compare prices of different shingle types and brands that it is pretty much difficult to keep track of all of them. At the same time it is also true that roofing shingles are costly and a long term investment and you need to be sure that you getting best value for money, especially when you are on a tight budget.

Tamko Shingles Price 

Shingle longevity is a major factor that influences the price at which a brand is sold. Tamko shingles price factors in the 50-year limited warranty on all shingles it offers. Moreover, some shingle types are made with algae relief and algae cleaning processes, which also affect the price of the end product.

Tamko Shingles PriceThen there is the matter of metal shingles, which are less expensive than asphalt shingles. Tamko shingles price for metal shingles may appear even cheaper when you consider the low installation cost. However, the comparison may go awry when you get to know that the heavy weighted asphalt shingles are more durable and are able to withstand high winds of hurricane grade.

Moreover, it is not only the Tamko shingles price that is involved there is the matter of installation cost as well; most people tend to hire a contractor and avoid doing the installation on their own because of the heavy manual labor involved. The same covered area with similarly priced shingle may cost you more if you hire a certified contractor.

Tamko Shingles Price

The bottom line is that a Tamko shingles price comparison may actually prove to be an exercise in futility unless you talk to a contractor. If you really want to compare shingle prices the right thing would be to go online and search for roofing contractors and request quotes from at least three certified contractors. You will still have to discuss the above issues in detail, one by one, with the contractor for a meaningful Tamko shingles price comparison. And you also have to be sure that the contractor is giving you an unbiased opinion.

Tamko Shingles PriceRather than matching features and prices, it is better to spend some time on brand comparison. Tamko is one of the leading names in the industry and have been with us since 1940s. For three generations, the Tamko name has been associated with quality and superior service to homeowners in USA.

Brand equity is an asset that companies value the most because it takes a long time to build a brand. Sometimes it is easier to make money than build a brand. You hit upon an idea and you make a quick buck but brands are built after years of hard work and dedication.  If I were you, I would rather research shingle brands than do a Tamko shingles price comparison.

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